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Selasa, 15 Ogos 2017


  Story of Bean 

   After Peter knew that his grandmother really loved him, he became hardworking and he grew up to be kind and diligent. Every morning, he goes to work with Uncle D at the farm and going to poultry farming at the evening.

     One day, his friend tell him that he met an old man near the river. The old man can help anyone to be a rich man. Peter don't believe after the Magic Paper (click) have learned him to be hardworking.
Peter started to believe after his friend not working with the place with him. Everyday, he goes to the river and waiting for the old man . But, the old man not at there.

    He ask her grandmother if she met the old man. Her grandmother have said that she had met the old man. Every evening, he wait the old man come. At the weekend, he waiting for the old man start from morning until evening. When he want to come back to the home, someone called him. "Wait !"
The old man has come !

    "What are you doing here?, " the old man ask. Peter said that he want something from the old man. The old man just smile and give him a bean. Peter said thank to the old man and back to the home. He plant a bean in flowerpot. He waiting everyday but a bean never grow.

    He felt really angry and going to the river. Luckily, the old man at there. After he explained everything to the old man, the old just laughing. "What do you expect when you not working on it, every dream have their own path to build," the old man said. The old man says that he gives a bean and Peter should plant, watering and working hard. A bean just as a symbol. "Why you just go without asking me first?," the old man felt weird.

   Peter really feel shame. At the night, he start to think about the old man's advice. At the next day, he meet his friend. He really shock when his friend start to work again. " I'm not feeling well, so i not coming all the day before," his friend said. Peter just laughing too.

   Peter ... " Why you don't asking me first," said his friend after Peter tell everything. So, be a good listener and always ask if you don't know. Don't jump into any conclusion. 

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