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Selasa, 8 Ogos 2017


Story of Magic Paper

   There is a boy with his grandmother living in the house. His name is Peter and her grandmother is Aunt Kelly. Peter likes to watch television all day when weekend comes. Aunt Kelly really loves Peter . All wishes from Peter, Aunt Kelly will try to make it real. However, Peter doesn't appreciate her . He never help her to do homework. Aunt Kelly getting old and not able to do homework anymore.

    One day, Aunt Kelly was sick. Their neighbor was really worried with Peter. However, they can't advise Peter. Everyday, they send  meals to Aunt Kelly to help her. Peter just know to play with his friends.

     One night, Peter is watching the television. Suddenly, he heard a knock sound from out of door.
There was a paper! He feel weird and amazed. Before he goes to sleep, he makes a wish. He wrote, "I want a new shoes".

       At the next day, when he back from the school. He's found a new shoe at the room. He start to think that the paper was a magic paper. Start from the day, Peter write a new wishes. However, the wishes doesn't comes to real one. At the evening, the paper already write something. "Just One". Peter is really angry. He want to tear a paper. However, he not do that because he think that the second chance doesn't exist.

        Everyday, he write a new wish and his dream comes true. One night, Peter can't sleep and he want to look what will happen to his wish. Suddenly, there was a person comes from out of his house and open the window to take the paper. Peter feel weird and follow the person. At the shop, he found his grandmother ! Uncle D the owner of the shop is talk to his grandmother. His grandmother is work in the night  at the Uncle D's Shop . Peter feel really sad to look at his grandmother. His grandmother is sick but still manage to work to fulfill his wish.

        Peter run to the house and his is crying all the night. At the next morning, when his grandmother comes into his room. He says apologized to his grandmother. In this world, no shortcut to get something. Appreciate who loves you and be grateful. Help your family because their love is ETERNAL.

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