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Selasa, 22 Ogos 2017



   After a few month, Peter already to harvest the BEAN. He feel very exciting to sell all of them. He call his friend to help him. Peter sit under the tree to count the profit. He smiled and imagine that he will be the richest man in his town. But, he still work in Uncle D farm and poultry farm. He doesn't want to leave his job. After he harvest the bean, his life becoming get better then.

    Peter buy new house and new land for another farming. He want to plant a farm full of tapioca. He ask help from his friend and give him a reward as he was helping him. The things becoming better and Peter really happy with his new job. A few week after then, he ask his friend to help him for harvest. The things going smooth until Peter can't pull out only one tapioca tree is left.

  "Why it is really hard?, " Peter sighed. His friend become tired too. "Why we need work on this only one tapioca?," his friend added. They were too tired until they sleep under the tree. At the evening, Uncle D visit Peter and look at him. Peter just wake up and his friend still sleep. "What are you doing here?," Uncle D feel weird.

   Peter show the only tapioca tree left. Uncle D try to pull out. " Wow, this is really hard !." Uncle D feel curious. Uncle D back to his home to take a special tool. They try to pull out with the special tool but the thing not working. Uncle D calling his friend to help Peter. They are gathering at the tapioca tree and started to pull the tree. The tapioca tree are too hard to pull until they are falling down.

    Peter grandmother started feel worry when his grandson doesn't coming to home when the sunset.

She really shock to find Peter at the farm and a few of people. Peter told everything to his grandmother. "Let's try to pull out for second time !", his grandmother ask them again. All of them start gathering and a few animal come to help too. Peter, his friends, Uncle D, Uncle D friends, grandmother, chicken, cow, rabbit and a few animal pull out the tapioca tree.

    Finally, the tapioca can be harvest. WOW ! Everyone scream and Peter crying. A gold tapioca inside ! This is too awesome. Peter don't believe the tapioca is gold tapioca! Don't give up on the hardship because every cloud has a silver lining . The most happiest person is Grandmother.


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