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Who is she?

   Peter go to the farm to see his farm of BEAN. However, he want go to the river to check his worker whether they still work at there. When he arrived at the river, he laugh when remember  THE RED CARPET with Matt. He still think about his grandmother and when she found him at the TREE.  Suddenly, Peter found a shoe at the river. A blue shoes. He start feel weird and curious. Then, he put the shoes at the bench.

Matt join Peter and ask him whether he can use the red carpet. Peter just give the red carpet to the him without saying. He know Matt have learn some lesson from the incident. Peter go to the Uncle D's shop because it have been a long time Uncle D not meet Peter. Peter heard Uncle D is busy now ."Peter, do you have new stock for my shop, I need some fruit and vegetables now," Uncle D ask. Peter just nodded.

Uncle D look at Peter and feel he look strange today.

Uncle D : Why you not happy? Think of something ?
Peter      :  No, uncle. I'm okay.
Uncle D : Just tell me because you're like my son.
Peter      : I have to go because Matt is waiting for me. I'm sorry.

Uncle D just smile and continued his work. Peter go to the river again. He found Matt hold the shoes.

Peter      : Don't touch the shoes.
Matt      : What? Why you look so serious? Finding for the Cinderella?
Peter      : I'm never think about that. What you trying to say?
Matt      : Nothing. The Cinderella always come at the night. Why don't?
Peter      : .....

Matt just laugh and leave Peter alone. At the night, Peter can't sleep to think about the shoes. Who is the owner of the shoes? Peter go to the grandmother's room and she's not at there. Peter read the note at the door. Grandmother is going to the shop. Peter is run to the river to look the owner shoes. He found his grandmother !

Grandmother  : Peter?
Peter               : Grandma?
Grandmother  : How do you know ?
Peter               : I thought you was....
Grandmother  : This shoes?
Peter               : Do you know about this shoes?
Grandmother  : Yes, why my dear? The Cinderella? (Laugh and Cry)
Peter               : Are you crying ?
Grandmother  : My Peter, this is your mom's shoes when she was little. I'm really miss her .
Peter               : I thought she is Cinderella

Grandmother  : Yes, she is your Cinderella. I hope your still love your mom even you don't know
                          about her.

Peter's Mom still lives. She leaves the city too early. Grandma only have this shoes for memory. Grandma started her word again. " She take care of you day and night, carrying you while she working and she loves u very much. No one in this world except your mom and dad. They want the best for you. I don't know where your parent now but, they promise to back here .We lost the connection when the war started.,". Grandma cry and hug the shoes.

Peter                : My parent still alive? But, you say that only you and me?
Grandmother  : They want me to say like that to you so, you don't worry. Don't worry Peter. The                                  time will come for you. I'm sorry for lying you for years.
Peter                : It's okay grandma, I will be the best for you and wait for them.

Our Mom and Dad always the heroes. Don't forget about them and take care of them. Love them a thousand times than other. Peter still waiting for the miracles....



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