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Rabu, 18 Oktober 2017


The Kettle

Today, grandmother go to the city with her friend. So, Peter is living alone at home. As usual, Matt visit him to check his condition. Peter not feeling very well after working hard for a several week. He's too tired. Grandmother ask Matt to accompany him as he can take care of Peter. Peter can't boiling the water. He used the kettle as he want it get easier. He buy the kettle because he doesn't want grandma work hard to set the woods on fire at the kitchen. 

However, Peter didn't read the instruction to boil the water by the kettle. 

Peter : Matt, can you wait the kettle at the kitchen?
Matt  : Yes, sure (from grandma room). I'm watching the television now.
Peter : Thanks. (He started to sleep).

Suddenly, Uncle D come to the home and ask Matt to join him for help new neighbor. Matt forgot about the kettle. 

After an hour, Peter wake up from the sleep. When he want to go to the kitchen, he fell into the water. 

Peter : What? Where I am now?
Matt  : Peter.......
Peter : What is happen now?
Matt  : Your kettle don't stop. It's look like a broken pipe. Please....
Peter : WHAT?
Matt  : Why you find the strange kettle? When I want to boil the water, it's already full. 
Peter : I can't thinking about it now....
Matt  : Find the instruction...

Peter feel very dizzy and he look people around him. They survive to escape themselves from the rising water. Finally, he found her grandma with two person he didn't know. Peter started to swim to get the kettle. He was struggling while the villagers was really chaos with the water. Finally, he got it and swim to his grandmother. 

Peter : I'm sorry grandma.
Grandma : It's not a time to say like that, find the solution.
Peter : How?
Grandma : I don't feel angry but, I don't want you to buy from the magic store again.
Peter : Yeah, I know how to solve. (He call the store and ask about it)

Finally, Peter say "stop" to the kettle and water stops too. He cried and hug his grandmother. The water need a few days to become normal again. Suddenly, two of people says "How about us?," . 
Peter can't imagine how his feeling now. The family is reunite again. Grandma has said the truth YESTERDAY.  His fever getting cure when he meet his parent.


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