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Selasa, 19 September 2017



  Grandma want to back to her hometown for a while. It's been a long time she doesn't met her friend at there. So, she want Peter living well and can take care of himself. She ask Matt to inform if anything have happened. Grandma and Peter doesn't have other relatives. As usual, Peter go to his farm and everything looks going well. All worker working hard and Uncle D always come to his farm to ask about Peter.

   One day, a new villager has come to the village and became Peter's friend. His name is O. O is really nice person at the first. Peter feel comfortable when he become friend with O.However, other worker doesn't like O. O likes to tell everyone about Peter but a bad story. But, they didn't believe because they knew Peter than O.

    But, another villager believe it. At the end, the story have affected Peter's farm and they didn't want to buy anything from Peter's farm. Matt feel uneasy about that and at the same time he afraid to tell Peter. O loves to spread the story until Peter feel curious at the first . Uncle D has advise Peter but, he don't believe it because he look O likes a nice person.

    O sit under the tree and found another villager. "Do you know about something you never know?," O start the conversation. "Only you know about this and another people never knew, it is very secret," he added. "What?," the villager replied. "Peter is.....," O added. Suddenly, the villager slapped him. O is very shock. "Why?," he said. "Because, I knew about my grandson than you," the villager added. Actually, she is Peter grandmother.

    O is really shock and run from grandmother. Grandma tell Peter the story. Peter is really sad. Then, grandma fix the situation by ask Uncle D to gather the villagers. She give a speech. "When someone comes to you and told you about someone's bad, and you never see his bad, don't believe easily. Plus, when you have knew about the person for a long time than the story teller. The situation maybe you can take that advise when you know him/her for a new. One thing, when the story teller always told the bad story and not a single nice story, find a truth first. Don't believe easily at the story teller and you'll know the truth," grandma tell some advice to the villagers.

     After then, O comes to Peter and say 'sorry'. Peter has forgive but it's not easy to believe like at the first meet.

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